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The English Self cavy can be shown in the following colours only.
Pink Eyed and Dark Eyed White, Pink Eyed and Dark Eyed Cream, Pink Eyed and Dark Eyed Golden, Black, Red, Chocolate, Lilac, Beige, Saffron, Buff,Slate & Blue.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Guinea Pig Showing otherwise known as The Cavy Fancy

English Self Cavy Club

Membership of the English Self Cavy Club (also known as E.S.C.C) is open to anyone who is interested in the keeping, breeding, exhibition, promotion and welfare of English Self coloured guinea pigs.

What are English Self Cavies?

English Self Cavies are solid coloured guinea pigs bred for type and colour. They should have a cobby body shape, have deep broad shoulders, a roman nose and large drooping ears.

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Cavies Magazine

Cavies Magazine, a monthly publication, is THE best place to look for details of upcoming shows!
Cavies Magazine lists the entry details for all the upcoming shows over the next month. Each show advert will let you know where the show is to be held and on which date, how to enter the show, when you should enter by and the show secretary’s contact details.

If you have never entered a show before give the secretary of the show you would like to enter a call or email them, they will be more than happy to talk you through the process and make sure that there is a friendly face about to help you on show day.

Along side show adverts the magazine also includes all show reports which explain who won a particular show and why. These can be very helpful to learn what a judge is looking for. It also includes specialist articles and club news. It really is worth subscribing to!


How do I subscribe to Cavies Magazine?

A six month subscription to Cavies Magazine costs £22.00. To subscribe to the magazine you will need to send a cheque or postal order, payable to “Cavies” to the following address:

Cavies, 1 Brynawel, Twmballyn, Llanelly Hill, Abergavenny, NP7 ORH

For further information about subscribing you can email the Cavies Team

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